How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing as a Kenyan

There are many ways to make money online as a Kenyan and affiliate marketing is one of them.

Affiliate marketing is a popular online marketing strategy that many businesses employ to help boost their sales. As in any form of marketing, there is a lot of money to be made in affiliate marketing.

So, How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is actually very simple. There are four things involved i.e. an affiliate, a company, an affiliate website, and customers.

  1. Affiliate – this is the person who gets paid for marketing products.
  2. Affiliate website – an affiliate website or platform that belongs to the affiliate. Here the affiliate posts a link that will direct customers to the company’s website where they can make purchases.
  3. Company/ Client – Providers of the product. The company pays the affiliate a commission whenever a customer makes a purchase through the affiliate’s link.
  4. Customers – customers are the people who visit the affiliate website and get convinced to buy the company’s products. Without customers, affiliate marketing would not earn anyone money.

In order to be a successful affiliate, one must put in a lot of work on the medium through which he intends to get customers. This is because people will hardly follow links unless they are convinced that they will get value from it.

A good example would be a shoe brand called X.

Shoe brand X intends to sell shoes online, so it needs an affiliate to help with the marketing. An affiliate called Y has a fitness blog which is read by a lot of people, and therefore his opinion is highly regarded. So brand X will employ affiliate Y to write about their workout shoes and provide a link on affiliate Y’s blog so that anyone interested can purchase the shoes online. For every pair of shoes bought through affiliate Y’s link, he will get a commission.

In affiliate marketing, even if a customer does not shop immediately, there are cookies that are used to pin the browser of anyone that clicks the link. This way, the affiliate is sure to get his commission no matter when the purchase is done. However, some websites limit this to 30 days while others limit it to a year.

Affiliate marketing is not limited to websites. It could be done through whatever online platform one is comfortable with. It can be done through Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or even Facebook.

While affiliate marketing earns people money, it could take a while to take off. For a person to buy something that you have recommended, they need to trust you. Earning peoples’ trust is not easy.

Here are a few tips you could use to ensure that you have a faster and easier journey to affiliate marketing success:

  1. Find a niche and stick to it.

A niche is the specific area of expertise that people will identify your platform with. It could be hair, fashion, makeup, gaming, food, travel you name it. The list is endless and focusing on one thing helps people to know that they can rely on you to always come through for them.

Chances of getting a client and making more sales are higher when your niche is similar to the client’s products.

  1. Produce high-quality content.

No matter what platform you decide to use, quality is a must. Otherwise, people might not even give you a second thought.

When you think about it, the quality of your work will reflect on the quality of what you are marketing. So unless you have attractive or interesting content, brands will not employ you and internet users are most likely to ignore your site.

Try to invest in a good camera if you need to post videos or pictures. Take your time to research on something if you are going to write a review on it. Make sure that you produce good work because the more enticing it is the better.

Brands will even give you free samples of their product if they like your work!

  1. Be consistent!

I could not emphasize this enough. Consistency brings about reliability. Being reliable will get you really far in the online industry. It will also show that you have a passion for what you are doing, so you will easily become a favorite. Consistency will also give you the experience you need to get some jobs.

Being consistent gives you room for marketing as often as possible. It is also important to remember that the more consistent you are, the more valuable you are and therefore your commission is likely to be higher.

Honesty is the best policy

Like stated earlier, affiliate marketing works when people trust you. It would be unwise to lie about a bad product, no matter how good the deal is. It is very important to keep it real with your followers. If you would not use something, best not market it.

Some brands often offer large sums of money to get good reviews even though people who have already used their product hate it. However, being honest will help you keep your followers.

Why affiliate marketing has a great potential in Kenya

Sadly, affiliate marketing is not as popular as it is in other countries like the United States, South Africa or the United Kingdom. This is because not many people have embraced the marketing opportunities available online.

The old-fashioned ways of marketing are still in so much use in Kenya. Kenyans are hugely resistant to change and overly like to play it safe.

The fact that affiliate marketing is not in much use in Kenya should not deter you from trying it. As a matter of fact, it should motivate you to get started because there are not so many competitors out there, yet.

Knowing Kenya, trends spread like wildfire. You should put yourself in a good position for when the trend catches on. When it actually does, those who will have started out early will be at the top and earning very good money.

Advantages of affiliate marketing

  • For brands, this is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to advertise and market their product. Most people in a target market have access to the internet and so this is a sure way to get to customers fast and easily.
  • Old methods of advertising are becoming less relevant by the day. When you think about it, people would rather use a product because someone they know vouched for it rather than if they saw an advert on the TV, radio or a billboard.
  • The affiliate gets to work with different people. Usually, affiliates are not limited to the number of brands that they can market.
  • To top it all, affiliates often do what they love on their platforms, and therefore it may never even feel like work!

Wrap up

It is quite easy to get lost in the logistics of affiliate marketing and this might discourage you. However, taking the first step is the most important thing and one progressively gets better with practice.

Many people earn a living through affiliate marketing because their experience in the industry has helped them attract big companies. In the long run, the struggle at the beginning is worth it.

If you ask me, earning money by just posting a link here and there does not seem like a bad idea! Affiliate marketing is one of the sure ways to make money online.

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