How to Get Your Ajira Digital Certificate


The Ajira Digital program is designed to train and mentor individuals on online work. After the mentorship period, the trainees are supposed to be competent enough about online work that they can work independently. As a proof of successful completion of the training, Ajira Digital provides the trainees with a certificate.

The certificate is provided to trainees who satisfied the program’s requirements, especially during the training. This includes meeting the threshold for attendance.

Once the trainee is passed, the trainees can access their certificates at

Retrieving your certificate

Go to and log in using your email or ID. Put in the password that you chose for the site. Click on “Sign in Now”.  In case you cannot log in due to a forgotten password, click on “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions.

Once you sign into the site, you will be taken to your own page.

On the left side amongst the categories, you will see “certificates and badges”. Click on it.


When you click on the “certificates and badges, if your certificate is ready, it will give you a message telling you so and at the end of it there is a “PRINT” button. Click on it.

Once you click “PRINT” a new page will appear and voila! you will see your certificate! Confirm the name is yours 🙂

To save your certificate on your computer, click on the blue “Print” button on your left

When you click the blue “print” button, a window will open allowing you to save a PDF file of your certificate anywhere you wish on your computer.

If you wish, you can print this file and laminate it to store a hard copy of your valuable Ajira Digital certificate.

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